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New edible champagne toppers!


These are 1.5 inch circles are perfect for champagne toasts for guests


Monograms will work best for this option as it is a small surface area. The bolder the better for this option if you would like the design to pop!


How many do I need?

We suggest 1 per guest for cocktail hour or for entrance. If you plan on having champagne for the cocktail hour and entrance into the reception we suggest 2 per guest. 


When will my order ship?

These will be shipped out 1-3weeks before your event so please order in advance!


For best results please ask venue, bar tenders, staff or whoever is handling them to test how to use them. 


Metallic colors DO NOT show up well, we suggest staying away from gold, silver and rose gold. Very light colors also do not show up well so if you are looking for a certain color please be prepared for slight changes.


Mockups will be sent 2-5 weeks before the event due to the number of orders.


Mockups will be emailed to you for your approval. If we do not receive a response on mockups we will proceed with one at our discretion.


Orders sent out 1-3 weeks before event to ensure that the edible ink does not fade!



IMPORTANT:Made with Potato starch, Water, Palm Oil, and Edible Ink. If you are allergic to any food colorings or any ingredients listed please do not consume. Ingredients are FDA compliant, gluten free, and dairy free. By purchasing you are confirming you acknowledge the ingredients.


If you are providing the designs please email them to right after you place the order with your name and Order Number in the subject.

Champagne Topper: Edible Cocktail Topper

PriceFrom $14.00
  • We do not accept returns on custom orders unless proof of damage is shown.

    If customer doesn't respond to mockup emails reserve the right mail out one of the mockups at our discretion.

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